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About Us

Why We Are The Best

We will help you to have an Engaging and Rewarding User Experience for your Business products or services
Pixel Run is An Award-Winning Digital Agency.

We are digital marketing pioneers so far from 2011 and completed 7 years successfully. As we started with the name of “Studio Pixel”, converted as “Pixel Run LLP” and became as one of the biggest Digital agency in the world by offering Digital Marketing Services locally and globally.

Our primary goal is to work closely and interact with our clients to create exceptional user-friendly websites that easily engage with their targeted audiences. Your business has goals, your audience has expectations. Work with “Pixel Run” and we’ll understand your customer needs and will help you to deliver an engaging and rewarding user experience for your business.

Whether you are looking to enhance your company’s digital presence or need a web application, “Pixel Run” delivers amazing online experiences which cultivate the relation between your Brand and your audience.

The Steps

We Follow Certain Steps in Our Work, To Get an Outstanding Output


We go through several researches that relate to your targeted niches and develop your Web Projects to make unique by following activities such as web development, UI / UX designing, graphic designing, mobile applications and search engine optimization.


Simplified view of the world that we wish to represent the new invention and formulate the concept. When the scope of the work drafted then the project initial design takes place and then a list of the desired features and requirements of designs will created.


We have capacity to complete assigned task and responsibility of customer specified standards within a certain time frame. We focus on the organization with in a few key strategies to execute. We have clear goals for everyone in the organization that are supportive of the overall strategy.


The purpose of contract finalization is to ensure that all the elements are in place properly to conclude a written. Agreement that, the projects are interests of our Organization and reflect the offer made by the supplies in response to the requirement presented by our Organization.


We all love what we do here at “Pixel Run” and we are motivated by delivering consistently fantastic results for our clients and their customers. Our individual and collective talent helps us to plan, design, develop and support your brand online. Everyone who works at “Pixel Run” had a passion about the web and feels great at what they do. This combination of passion, great thinking and skill produce amazing products.

Our Core Values

As one of the world biggest Digital agency, “Pixel Run” is a host to some of the best web designers and web developers in the globe. Our first priority is to work with our clients closely to create exceptional websites that will make a better connection to them with their target audiences. We are a full service provider and can strategically implement and improve your digital presence that drives your brand all over the world.

Our Team

Uday Kiran Patta


Meher Kumar


Shabana Sheik

Sr Web Developer

Raju Ganivada

Sr Web Developer

Ravi Kiran

Sr SEO Analyst


Animation/VFX Artist

Siva Prasad

UI Designer


Jr SEO Analyst


Web Developer

Feroz Sheik

Grapic Designer


Web Developer


Grapic Designer


Marketing & PR