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Pixel Run – UI/UX & Digital Marketing Pioneers

Pixel Run LLP is a complete UI/UX & digital marketing consulting agency proving services Locally and Globally. The services are on several Digital Marketing solutions according to your business needs such are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including on page & off page, SMO (Social Media Optimization), Facebook Advertising, also providing services on Mobile Application Development, Web Development and UI / UX Designing and more.




  • You contact us and we learn about your business
  • We audit your website, mobile app, marketing campaigns and your business
  • We identify your audience segments and look at your project through their eyes
  • We analyze visitors by each of your traffic sources
  • We evaluate your product funnel



  • Together we define long-term goals and how to measure success (KPIs)
  • We improve your Information Architecture
  • We improve your UX (user experience) design, visual design and interaction design
  • We fine-tune your product funnel
  • We develop your experimental strategy
  • We determine your Golden Path



  • The process starts with wireframes, flowcharts and UX strategy
  • Then, we deliver an animated or non-animated presentation of look and feel and interaction concepts
  • Next, we deliver clickable designs of main screens
  • At the end of the production phase, we will deliver a fully functional prototype
  • Employing Agile Methodology, we operate in sprints, delivering major design elements on a weekly basis



  • We run a series of A/B tests (experiments) through an iterative process including, copywriting, graphical and structural experiments
  • We analyze critical data including Engagement, Point maps, Heatmaps, Cohort Analysis, Retention reports, Referral analysis, Screen flow analysis and Funnel analysis
  • After each test, we “zoom out” and evaluate the whole conversion funnel again

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