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April 23, 2018
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Facebook Privacy Concerns 2018: What User Need To Take Steps


As Facebook updating its Terms and Privacy, it clarifies its data policy what it shares over its similar services including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and Messenger.

According to the CNBC news, Facebook has describes what information it shares with similar services including device information.

And According to the theverge News, Approximately 87 million Facebook users data obtained improperly. Most of them are in the US people and 1 million people from UK country.

Now Facebook is starting to notify its users about their data.

Facebook’s privacy notification. Image: Facebook, via theverge

Now Facebook is displaying “Protect Your Information” to its users on top of the news feed to remove their third-party apps which are no longer need.

Facebook users need to check and revoke third party apps which they no longer need to protect their privacy.

If your data was miss used, Facebook will explain how you were affected by link sharing, that Fb user might share your Facebook information with Cambridge Analytica.

Now Facebook is performing with some big changes to avoid privacy issue occurring again. Facebook checking for any “suspicious activity” from developers to inspect them to avoid data being improperly used.

Facebook says it no longer allow developers to get the guest list through API integration. Facebook restrict and approve which app agree for severe needs that would be approved by Facebook administrators even for Group API to ensure and obtaining group members list.

6 steps Facebook users can take to protect their profile

  1. Read Facebook Data Policy carefully about what information they collect and use.
  2. Change Facebook privacy settings for better protection.
  3. Revoke third party Apps which is no longer need.
  4. Restrict your friend request approval.
  5. Change your account Privacy setting Off for other Search Engines.
  6. Clear your search history in your Activity Log.

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