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April 23, 2018
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What is animation?

The animation is the process of drawing, designing, making layouts and editing photographs those are combined with gaming and multimedia products. The Animation is basically a concept of placing images in a particular sequence which finally creates an illusion of movements. This process is creating the position of one object is the relation to another. The computer shows these images and produces them quickly into a film, with about, 25-30 frames per second. Let’s dig a little deeper into it.

Types Of Animation

Traditional Animation:
In this, a number of drawn images are placed into a sequence to produce or create an illusion of movements. Mostly advertisement companies use this type of traditional animation before they start the production.

2D Animation
2D animation is similar to the traditional methods. However, the difference is that here the images are created with help of the computer. The computer developed images can be better and precise.

3D animation
With the help of latest animation techniques, photo-realistic and a three-dimensional feel is created. These are expensive when compared to the other two.

Stop motion
Photographs of the favorite objects are taken sequentially with various position values so that when they are played, they create a feeling of motion.

The Importance Of Animation

Educate through Entertainment
When we hear the word animation one of the first things that comes to our mind is fun. People can grasp any messages through entertainment easily. Also animation can be used for Business Goals, Education and other important activities where the information is conveyed more effectively and efficiently.

More Chances For Viral
In these digital days, good animated videos and campaigns will help you in promoting the Brand. This will help you to raise your brand awareness and have people interested in your campaign. Animated programs can be shared by the people, are viral and then run widely.

If you have an attractive animated advertisement that can attract people of different age groups. Several companies use graphics and animation to make their website much attractive and eye-catching.

Money Saving:
People have a feeling that animated programs are expensive when compared to the live production, which in fact is not true. You can reduce your expenses by creating the animation characters to promote your Brand in your own way and achieve the desired result.

What is a Visual Effect?
Visual effects involve the combination of live-action footage with special effects to create environments which looks realistic.

Benefits from VFX

  • There is more opportunity to create anything which is not possible in the real-time shoot.
  • VFX embedded live footages gives us amazing output and avoid unwanted or dangerous actions like blasting up things.

Matte Paintings and Stills:  Traditional or Digital paintings or photographs that can be placed as background for particle effects, 3D characters, digital sets.

Motion Capture:
This is the process of recording the activities of people or for the fact anything in motion. In a session of motion capture, the subject whose motion is being captured and sampled several times for each second by various scanners placed all around the premises.

Three-dimensional models produce a physical body utilizes a set of points in 3D space, connected by various objects such as curved surfaces, triangles, lines etc. Being a collection of data, 3d models can be created manually, algorithmically (procedural modeling), or scanned. The areas may be additionally explained with texture mapping.

Compositing: Connecting activities for any objects and characters in 2D or 3D.
Small video clips can have more effect on the targeted audience. An advanced version of the creative video is much better than just the simple recording. You can get our Animation/VFX services
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