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Our professional Designers craft a User experience and responsive websites with full functionality that are both technically and aesthetically perfect.

At “Pixel Run” we build websites for all enterprises with different types of requirements that support to apps. However these are all comes with in our client’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

Finally we provide a graceful and user based and target oriented solutions.


Key Points


cheap to host

Static web site is a HTML documents which is stored in our local system or web server via HTTP.  Even cloud contains formatted page templates among with an app server and it presented as unchanging stored.

Intensity leads picture, picture leads to realization, and realization leads to progress that will make success

Pixel Run Design Agency

Static web page is for the content which are rarely updating and not for regular updating. Maintaining much number of pages can’t be done with automated tools as its restricting to the client s for any customization.

Static Web Site


Static website is less cost compare to dynamic website, except the large website. And all individual pages are easy to get listing. The old site can preserve its entity in all over the web which can reference the work. Even the static website cost is less it requires some programming oriented skill to update the site. Without these skills it requires outsource to update a large volume of site which unwieldy to monitor.


A static website is the ideal solution for companies wishing to convey an image on the web through a graphic site and obtain a window that contains the majority of components, products and services.


Are you looking to Static Website for your business? It can provide you the suitable solutions for many types of business and for your product or philosophy. You can reach us via form.


More functional website

Dynamic websites can cost you more to develop, but the advantages are abundant. It provide the facilities to owner they can able update and ad the content even at basic level. For instance, regular news updates and event proceedings could be posted to the site through an easy browser interface.

A dynamic website also contains HTML programs and basic structures. It only includes server-side scripting or client-side scripting to get changed or compilation of both scripts. These scripts (client-side or server-side) play a main role to run the whole websites.

Dynamic Web Site

Easier Design Websites

Even each web page is individual it is very easy to update anything among with all pages at a time.

For example, if you like to change a navigation of the website, you can do with a simple of clicks at one place where it holds. Then it will update to each individual page of the webpage.

If you have a static website, then you need to go to each page to make changes of navigation and that may prone to errors some times.


As we already said that it is easy to make changes regarding to website design and navigation, it is also easy to change, update or create content or any data in the Dynamic Webpages. Even beginners can able to do with simple clicks.

If you have a static website, then you need some programming skills to do any work regarding to content and that may have some errors in some times.


In Dynamic website the content management system (CMS) is very easy even for non-technical persons and it facilitate simple ways to update and creation of the content. It literally allows you to control and manage the content with in your website but no need to know about any HTML codes to operate or create posts.

You can simply focus on writing of the articles so that the Dynamic website will give an access to place where it needs on the site. But with static website we need to know some of coding’s in-order to create and insertion of the content in the website.


Mobile friendly

Responsive web design term is relevant to the concept of developing a websites that helps to change the resolutions according to the user’s device screen and it displays properly.

The special designing technique to access on the smart phone, tablet and desktop screens called as “Responsive”.

By providing the same code for all devices, it response to each devices screen to fit and that also easy to get prioritized by search engines

SEO friendly

Search Engines like Google will prefers responsive designs, because it is very easy to keep and needs a fewer implementation only.

And also regarding to users, responsive design is very convenient to operate in any devices, otherwise your websites looks in appropriate in the various devices that leads to get away instantly from your website called “Bounce Rate”. The more “Bounce Rate” you get the more you denied by search engines as it’s always prefers to their users convenient.

Responsive Design


Many devices are coming with different screen resolutions every day and these can includes with different color contrasts and functionalities. As we know that increasing popularity of mobile phones, many new devices are coming with different resolutions like portrait or landscape view as user wish.


In before days, flexible layouts were almost an expensive for websites, we only flexible were adjustable in a design of the layout columns and all structural elements and the text. When pushed enough, flexible layout and structural elements could easily break by the images. And flexible design came up with fewer pixels that unable to fit for large screens.


Iphone and iPod will rescales the designs automatically to fit in the screens that is really good thing we can know. A full sized design will adjust to tiny browsers without scrolling needed. And also it can view full zoom in and out when necessary.


Better productivity.

This is another method of Design to the ecommerce website that can tune your customers or get them away. And also the design of your collection can be break. The consistency of the design elements of your website will represents your brand and business.

First impression is the best impression, this is very important to keep the best impression. And increasing the uses of social networks, mobile commerce your business needs to reach customers through with multiple channels.

The position of your product will appeal to your customers by decorating all the designing elements in your web store. Designer experts will help you to build your business by creating a real time shopping experience for your customers following by your business blueprint.



The transaction s of your entire business will become electric. So the conversion of your business will cost you low and all transaction goes through e payment with cheaper.


People getting everything they need through the web because it cost them less. By this way business can reach many users and get more productivity with in less investment.


Higher margin in the sense the business with more flexible and control. Ecommerce can access you to improve your business safely with in less time.

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